Our Story

Hi, I'm Grace, the founder of Little Baby Grains and a certified Dr. Sears Health Coach! You may know me from my blog Gracious Little Things where I share my Mummy experiences and useful tips, especially for Asian Mummies! 

Little Baby Grains came about after receiving questions from many Mummies about starting babies on solids and healthy eating! It is my wish to utilise my knowledge as a Dr. Sears Health Coach in helping mothers as they strive to provide a

more healthy and nutritious option to their babies! 


Little Baby Grains uses organic and chemical-free grains with a softer texture and higher nutritional value than the average everyday grains. The grains are either certified organic by international certification bodies or declared as chemical-free by the relevant governmental bodies. The grains used are sourced both locally and overseas and the country of origin is stated on the packaging