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The world economy is moving towards globalization trend where we are happy to say that we are CLOSER to each others! Youmiki is ambitious to be a large scaled CUSTOMER ORIENTED portal which provides high quality values to our global based customers. We do believe in the concept of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT where the quality of our products and services will always head to the positive direction. Our Top Management Team is having the spiritual support by telling ourselves this is not only a business entities, but also an entity where we can CONTRIBUTES VALUES to human being.

Our Global Mission : To be the Global Online Marketplace which we aim to treat our customers as ONE FAMILY and provide our best resource to serve you better in the future.

Our Global Vision : Expansion of our Customer base to Worldwide based and Youmiki to be the portal that maximize the values delivery to customers.

Innovation and Creativities always the key factors that drive a product / services to be unique and useful. Youmiki managed to formulate a business environments that proactively encourage innovative ideas that can enhance our products and services. Youmiki is allocating specific percentage of annual income to perform high quality Research & Development for our products and services. We are doing this is because we aware of the importancy of innovative and the creativity needs of our customers.

Quality always one of the important concentration of Youmiki! Quality of the products and services that we are providing are directly implied the values deliver to our customers. With this concentration, we established strict Standard of Procedures (SOP) in our production line to ensure each of the products that we are producing fulfilling corresponding Industry's standard. On the same time, we always perform Quality Assurance activities for any products / materials from our suppliers. Our professional quality team members are well trained and educated to follow the company guideline without any excuse. In the sense of delivery of our products, we always ensure we communicate well with the services providers so we can minimize the manual works and minimize the error risk as well with strict rules and regulation applied to our team.

Commitment is defined as promise,obligation and seris of action to solid prove the responsibilities. Youmiki act and being committed, We action and perform based on the promises we made. We do realise the responsibilities that we are committed. That's what Youmiki do!


Youmiki, We always try our best to stay together with our customers, members and our employees to be in a ONE FAMILY environment. As human beings, we always desire our family members can enjoy their life by enjoying financial freedom and having high consuming power. With this orientation, we came out with programs that we can work together to provide flexibilities in working hours, and on the same time, great rewards that help in early retirement and financial freedom. You may ask why is Youmiki doing this? As we mentioned in our GLOBAL value, we always keep customers across boundaries as the most important element to us, we are responsible to create quality life for them and we are here to deliver values to your living.

It is undeniable we are surrounded with social medias to stay connected.connected. Youmiki would like to be part of your living and we will keep you connected with your friend, families and even business partners. It is a fact that there are various social medias in the market, but still, Youmiki will generate the value that distinct us from the others. We Promise!